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A little bit 
about me

Hi, my name is Dilshika (Dil-She-Ka)!

I am a digital designer with over 7 years of creative experience and a background in interior design and project management.

My love for design started at an early age through drawing and painting. This love grew into an appreciation for and interest in architecture and interiors. During my 5 years as an interior designer, I was inspired to design interiors for healthcare institutions because they are spaces that take on so many identities and demand versatility. Understanding people and caring about them drove my work and gave the designs meaning.

My education and experience taught me that designing is about listening, ideating, and continuously creating and improving.

This thought process motivates my current work as a digital designer. I love learning new programs that push my visual boundaries, create interactive experiences, and visually communicate a story. I see each design as a small canvas: every piece intentional and precise to make a big impact for the clients I work with.

My experience includes: video and paid social campaigns, display ads, email marketing, and UI/UX design.

When I'm not designing (or dreaming about padding!), you'll find me either outdoors on a hike or exploring a national park.

I enjoy the dimensionality of design, where there is always a new facet to explore, learn about, and experience.

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